My Writing

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I am a writer, currently writing a trilogy series and also working on a book which reflects many spiritual experiences encountered throughout my years. The incredible beauty that comes from believing is profound! My love of writing is another of my passions. I have a two book self-publishing contract with Balboa Press and aiming for publication this year.

FB_IMG_1492475465822The trilogy is about my own soul’s journey, spanning across many lifetimes. From each lifetime, I have recognized the soul’s who have been and still are connected in my present life. Each connection brings about different learnings and teachings. To understand, accept, heal and learn from them and take only the lessons, the love and to leave all the rest behind from each encounter is how my healing has happened. Lifetimes of not only success and triumph but also tribulations and heartbreak. With every ending, there is magical realisation of the opportunity to recreate a new beginning.

Watch this space, for this is who I am!


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