Meditation & Spiritual Development

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What is Spiritual Enlightenment?

This is a not so easy question to answer but how I see it and experience it is becoming aware of my state of being, for example when I am in a complete state of joy, I feel enlightened. When I am in a state of calm and peace with no space to allow my conscious mind to dwell on the outside world and it’s not so positive influences, I experience enlightenment.  Go check out the link below to raise your awareness of many qualities of Enlightenment by Charles A. Francis.

What you need to know!

These meditation and spiritual development meetup groups are conducted in a very safe, comfortable, protected and loving environment, overlooking nature and native birds with harmonious meditation music and sounds playing for your relaxation enjoyment.

What it’s all about!

These meetups are all about developing your own spirituality, tuning into what resonates with you, learning how to connect to source, finding your true self and learning to speak your truth lovingly and confidently, and tapping into your life purpose and the path that is calling you!

Each session will begin with a guided meditation, where you will be lead into a state of deep relaxation, a safe place of peace and calm, inviting your conscious mind to relax and clear out the low energies and mind clutter within you. Your higher self will be guided to open up to the spiritual world inviting you to connect with source, and at times you may walk and talk with your spirit guides, passed over loved ones, your Angels, the Ascended Masters who walk with you.

A discussion forum will follow and the topic will be announced at the time of the meetup being scheduled, which is about sharing experiences, asking questions, expanding your own awareness and enlightenment and ultimately learning, growing and developing to connect to source!

Check out my Services & Fees for associated cost.

What’s included & what to bring:

  • up to 30 minutes of your time spent in deep relaxation, in a place of peace and calm
  • very comfortable seating and cushions in a very protected and high vibrational setting
  • if you prefer, bring your own yoga mat and cushion to stretch out on the rug
  • if you work with crystals for meditation, bring them along
  • guided meditation with stimulating and relaxing meditation music and sounds filtering all around you
  • tuning into your intuition and source
  • an open discussion being lead to encourage sharing of experiences and spiritual wisdom and knowledge
  • light refreshments after meditation time will be provided

When and what time?

meetup logoThe scheduling of these sessions will be announced through Sessions are held alternate Thursday evenings. Each session is approximately 2hrs. Reserving your place is essential as numbers are limited. So what are you waiting for, just go to and join my group and receive notifications of when meetups are scheduled or just go to Book an appointment and fill in your details.

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