Past Life Regression Meetup – TBA

meetup logoThis is a monthly meetup group session usually the first Sunday of every month at 2pm sharp until 4pm. It is opportunity for interested soul’s to experience and access their own soul’s memories (Akashic records) of past lives or reincarnations while in a very comfortable, safe and protected deep state of relaxation.

WEBSITE - Two most important daysEvery person may have different experiences with each past life recalled. Some feel, some see like a movie playing across the screen, some smell, some hear. Or they may even experience all of these senses. Whatever is experienced is okay, for it is just that, one soul’s experience!

So why not join up with my group and when meetups are scheduled you will be notified or just go to Book an appointment and fill in your details to reserve your place. Check out my Services & Fees for associated cost.

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