Are you ready, wanting & willing?

Dr Seuss 3Are you READY, WANTING & WILLING to let go of the old, which no longer serves any purpose, to make way for significant changes in your life? Be it that you want to:

Smoking – Serious about quitting?

* LOSE OR MANAGE YOUR WEIGHT – change the relationship you have with food, exercise and your body to achieving weight loss and management
Weight loss – High road to success

* LET GO OF FEARS & PHOBIAS – lose your fears and phobias e.g. spiders, flying, heights and so much moreBLOG - Feeling the fear
* CLEAR BLOCKS – clear them to allow all that you desire and deserve to enter your life
* BEHAVIOURS – change unpleasant behaviours and reactions e.g. nail-biting, hair twirling to name a couple

Stress & anxiety – ready to let it go?

BLOG - beautiful sooul* PAST LIFE EXPERIENCES – everyone has a different purpose for wanting to experience their past lives, could be any of the above or check out the link below for examples of other purposes.
Past Life Regression Therapy

Hypnotherapy and Past Life Regression Therapy can be very therapeutic and healing by removing blocks, issues, changing behaviors, receiving clarity and releasing trauma. Through the relaxation of your “conscious” mind, re-framing the way you think about these concerns, nutting down to the root cause and opening your “subconscious” mind is how healing happens.

If all else has failed you and you haven’t tried alternative healing therapies before to help you with any of these issues, concerns or experiences, give me a call on either 09 624 5938 or 0210 811 2008 or make an appointment via my website, visit link below. I am based in Hillsborough, Auckland.

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Do you consider your mind less important than your body?

BLOG - coffee or eggsTis a remarkably apt statement! How I saw it though was that eggs are much healthier than the drink and you get more good for your money with the eggs! However, there are many and varied comments on this, of which I accept that everyone is entitled to their point of view!

I too say the same thing about buying a pack or carton of cigarettes, paying to have your hair cut and coloured, eating/drinking unhealthily, having fingers and toes manicured/pedicured, bottle of wine, or a carton of beer, which lasts oh what anywhere from a day to a couple of months if you are lucky, but maybe it’s considered essential items of life.

What about considering spending the same amount of money or even less or maybe a little more to have your life changed forever with alternative healing therapies e.g. hypnotherapy or past life regression!

In saying this it is all about our freewill choices and a little pampering here and there is great for the soul and I too enjoy it immensely, but let me ask you this, “when was the last time you really pampered your unconscious mind or higher self?”