About Me

Hello, my name is ThereseElizabeth 

I am a spiritual being, living and loving this human life my soul has chosen for this lifetime.

As a spiritual guide and healing therapist, I have chosen to practice past life regression using hypnotherapy. I also offer services with coaching, guidance, spiritual healing, spiritual development to support your soul’s growth. As an intuitive guide, I also offer oracle card readings.

My passion is for understanding the connections between past lives and the present life and as a result I have been intuitively researching and investigating past lives for many years now and branched into developing my gifts to practice past life regression in 2009. Check out About My Services to find out more of what I do!

Enjoy this short video titled “About Me”.

I have attended many development workshops with Dr Brian Weiss, Hay House Australia, and Doreen Virtue in Australia 2013, online tuition with Sonia Choquette and Joe Vitale while training to obtain my Diploma in Advanced Clinical Hypnosis in New Zealand.

I was born in 1962, the youngest of seven and grew up in a small country town in Queensland, Australia . I have lived in New Zealand for over a decade, where my dreams, goals and desires all came to fruition as a result of believing, while living and breathing my spiritual journey!

Be thankfulLife and all it’s wonderful and not so wonderful experiences has prepared me for this life path that I am presently on, the one that is fulfilling me and my life purpose, as I have been blessed to discover my true passions. Doing these things, speaking my truth, sharing my spiritual wisdom, service, knowledge and love, for there is only love you know, is my purpose in life and I am now completely and unreservedly serving my purpose, as it is serving me! It is with a heart full of love and a soul filled with gratitude, I continue this journey helping and teaching other soul’s while growing and learning from them too!

With love and light and Angel blessings in abundance. Namaste!

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