A test of faith!

As I reflect on the experiences my soul chose to encounter, particularly these past two years, there’s something I recognized profoundly about myself, an aha moment you would say.

Being displaced in the physical, selling my home, not resettling in my country of residence before embarking on a long overdue trip to my country of birth resulting in a 12month extended stay, I realised how much I had retreated from being heart conscious. Doing, being, feeling and speaking from the heart.

I certainly got caught up in all the controls placed around me and took on an attitude based in frustration, anger and fear that I really didn’t like, and as a result, I also stopped loving myself.

While I believed my faith in God never wavered, I know my belief and worthiness in myself did and I now realise I was being tested and yes many of my reactions were based on fluctuating emotions.

It is absolutely time to turn it around and open my heart back up. Yes my heart had been hurt on many levels by souls whom I had great trust and belief in but it’s time to release the last threads of that pain and step into heart conscious living once more. Oh how I have grown, and once more committed to the path with unwavering faith in God and my spiritual team. I have missed being a beautiful heart conscious soul!