Intuitive Card Readings

What is an Intuitive card reading and how does it work?

It is about reading the signs. It’s about seeing, feeling and often hearing messages connected to the cards, connecting to one’s vibrational energy, setting intention as the higher-self (unconscious mind) chooses the cards for the answers being sought. As the reader, I then allow my intuitive gifts to access extra-sensory information, interpret and relay the messages as they apply to one’s life. We all have intuitive abilities and are able to receive the answers we seek from our higher self, our creator, the spiritual realm – Archangels and Angels, the Ascended Masters and our Guides. Their support and guidance is readily available 24/7 as we journey through life. We only have to ask.

Understandably at times, seeking confirmation or affirmation through another vessel (the intuitive card reader), is all we are wanting. A successful reading experience is about feeling empowered with a greater knowledge of one’s intuitive gifts and abilities, together with guidance on how to access one’s inner-knowing, without feeling a need for a “quick fix” from the reader. This is my intention for your experience too!

Intuitive card readings are different from psychic readings in that I as a reader, do not read the future. The readings are personalised and individual, tapping into whatever it is you require guidance on that is occurring in your life. For example:

  • Relationships with family members, friends, spouse or partner, romantic interest
  • Healing of body, mind and spirit or soul lessons & soul purpose
  • Past lives or past life soul connections in this life or other lifetimes you’ve experienced
  • General issues and circumstances e.g. finances, home, career etc.

A reading can be done:

  • in person
  • via Skype @ ThereseElizabeth
  • voice recorded and downloaded to Dropbox, and/or
  • emailed

If you are seeking answers on your life’s journey Book an appointment now to receive the intuitive guidance, confirmation or affirmation you seek. Check out my Services & Fees for associated cost, and preferred time option. Below is a selected sample of the cards I use when doing readings.

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Any information you receive from any and all communication, sessions or readings with ThereseElizabeth and/or via the website is for educational, spiritual and inspirational purposes only and is not intended to, nor should it ever, take the place of any medical, legal, financial, psychological, or any other professional advice. Nor am I to be held liable for what manifests in your life through freewill choice, acts of Divine intervention, fate or destiny.

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