Smoking – Serious about quitting?

Some questions for you first…..

  • What is your greatest motivation for quitting smoking?

    • your health (avoiding illness/disease), increasing your vitality and fitness while walking a healthier path to longevity of life…
    • Quit Smoking 2your family and being around for your kids and grand kids growing up, setting a good example for them to follow…
    • to gain control over stress and anxiety and reduce it from your life…
    • to keep the $$$$ in your own pocket and work toward that dream car, or holiday, or most importantly your livelihood…
  • Have you tried willpower, patches or gum – only to start smoking again?
  • Are you ready to give back to yourself the freedom you gave away when smoking took control of your mind and became that impossible habit to break?

If you have answered yes to any of these questions, then believe in yourself and know that you can choose to take the next positive step to being serious about quitting. Watch your body heal before it is seriously and irreversibly damaged.

This is “your journey” from the day you quit!

*After 72 hours your breathing becomes easier, your bronchial tubes begin to relax and your energy levels increase. Just imagine how great that will feel and knowing that you are in complete control of these changes within your body, is literally and pardon the pun “breathtaking”!

I wonder too, how you will feel when you look at your skin 1 month on and see for yourself that your skin appearance has improved owing to improved blood flow to your capillaries. The first sightings of the new and healthier you, well done!

From 3 to 9 months here comes a real bonus. Coughing, wheezing and breathing problems improve and your lung function increases by up to 10%. Just how incredible will you be feeling by this stage? Pat yourself on the back, what a winner!

1 year on and guess what? The risk of you having a heart attack has fallen to about half that of a smoker. You are really getting there. Your body’s road to recovery is well and truly on track. Brilliant effort, keep it up!

smoking 410 years won’t take long to go that I do know for a fact. Here you are at another milestone on your life changing journey. The one that tells you the risk of lung cancer falls to half that of a smoker. You are formidable in your strength, courage and determination and you are a complete success.

15 years and who would have thought that your risk of heart attack falls to the same level that it would be for someone who has never smoked.

* All medical information stated in this story has been gathered from

Are you ready?

What a legend for choosing today to give yourself this chance of living a longer and healthier life.

I bet you didn’t know that hypnotherapy is currently the best option for smokers to quit smoking quickly, safely and easily by replacing or updating learnt smoking behaviors with new suggestions and ways to better handle situations ¬†and stimuli, which have triggered you to light up a smoke in the past. It is all about giving you back the control over your mind, your body and your life. So what are you waiting for?

Weight Loss – High road to success!

Let me ask you some questions first.VLUU L100, M100  / Samsung L100, M100

  • Are you anything like me and have been weight challenged most of your life with no great appetite for exercise but one for indulging in life’s pleasures that most certainly have altered your body shape?
  • Do you want to look at yourself in a mirror every day and honestly say to yourself “I love the image that is looking back at me”?
  • Is your body image and weight a concern for you now in your everyday life, or will it be a concern for you in 1/5/10 years from now?
  • Let’s imagine that you, your body is “the perfect car”! Are you wanting to get behind the steering wheel and take control of how you drive, the bends and paces you put it through, how you stop and start, what fuel you choose to put in the gas tank, when you fuel up and by how much you fuel up, and how well you having been motoring along?

If you have answered yes to any of these questions, then let me share a portion of my journey while working on my certification in Advanced Clinical Hypnosis.

I became my own guinea pig and began practicing self-hypnosis together with asking my college buddies to practice different techniques on me around foods I love that were unhealthy and not good for me, exercise that I didn’t love doing, eating behaviors that I’d learnt from a young age, emotional blocks from being called cruel names as a child/teenager, like “ten tonne Tessie” and ” the last of the round people”. Seriously, you might not think it a big deal, but I can assure you this intentional or unintentional taunting from other kids and adults alike left me with a block that no matter how hard I tried, I just couldn’t quite jump all the way over it. Many times I was sitting on top of the block with my legs dangling down over the other side, but mostly I slipped and fell off the block into what became a cycle of weight loss/weight gain for me, since I first began primary school. Why did this happen? Because my ego and fear kept my mind in control, telling me oh just one more sweet biscuit won’t hurt or hearing the loving words of my parents “eat everything on your plate – remember the starving children of Africa” or taking on board the opinions of others when I’ve started yet another WL program “seen you do this before, don’t know why you bother” and so I stopped listening to my unconscious mind/my higher self or more commonly known as my subconscious mind, which did in fact know what is best for me!

I too have tried every weight loss program known to mankind, and across the years had success too in losing the weight, but ultimately put it all back on again and at times more. Plus multiple exercise regimes that I just didn’t enjoy. As much as I love the woman I have become from the inside out, I made the choice to take this chance and opportunity to change some life long behaviors & challenges that has kept the weight ongoing. It was time for a change at age 53 to seek out a sexy and slimmer size 16 me, feeling lighter, fitter and healthier. This is my goal!

So my journey continues. I have been up to a larger than life size 26/28 weighing in at 146.5kgs many years ago now and vowed I would never return there and so I haven’t but definitely got close a couple of times. This current journey began as a size 24 in January 2015. I am now a 20 and day by day, cm by cm getting closer to my goal of size 16, as I follow my very own winning weight loss combination program.

If you are interested in my program

So what are you waiting for? Come and join me on my own personal weight loss journey and let’s be on the “high road to success” together, today!

PS. It took me over 40 years to create this body, so my changes aren’t going to happen overnight, but one thing I do believe is that they will happen!

Are you living or existing?

Are you aware there is a magnitude of human beings out there in our world who don’t even comprehend the difference between living and existing. So you may well ask, what is the difference?

BLOG - Oscar Wilde 1

In simple terms I see existing as just doing and being and taking up space and time with no real passion or purpose to what you are choosing to do in your life or with your life and making excuses and not wanting to take responsibility for why things didn’t work out or go the way you planned.

Whereas living I believe, is going about everything in your life with passion and purpose, and finding out and following what truly makes your heart hammer and your soul sing. Making the most of and treasuring every moment. Doing the absolute best you can even when life lessons steer you onto a different path. Realizing that you are indeed very much alive not just existing, and living your life in the moments not in those of your past or your future but right now.

So, are you living, or are you existing? You only get one shot at this current life, so why not now in this moment change your way of thinking and become determined, re-energized to go on living the rest of your life now with passion and purpose and see what difference there is between living and existing!