Are you living or existing?

Are you aware there is a magnitude of human beings out there in our world who don’t even comprehend the difference between living and existing. So you may well ask, what is the difference?

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In simple terms I see existing as just doing and being and taking up space and time with no real passion or purpose to what you are choosing to do in your life or with your life and making excuses and not wanting to take responsibility for why things didn’t work out or go the way you planned.

Whereas living I believe, is going about everything in your life with passion and purpose, and finding out and following what truly makes your heart hammer and your soul sing. Making the most of and treasuring every moment. Doing the absolute best you can even when life lessons steer you onto a different path. Realizing that you are indeed very much alive not just existing, and living your life in the moments not in those of your past or your future but right now.

So, are you living, or are you existing? You only get one shot at this current life, so why not now in this moment change your way of thinking and become determined, re-energized to go on living the rest of your life now with passion and purpose and see what difference there is between living and existing!

2 thoughts on “Are you living or existing?

  1. Hi Therese Elizabeth,

    I agree, existing is not knowing your soul and not realising who you are. On the other hand, living is knowing who you are and listening to your soul to make the better choice of decisions for your short life here on earth.



  2. Excellent input Terry and thank you so much and agreed too that our earthly life/lives are so relatively short and very worthwhile living them to the fullest while believing we are making the very best of decisions based on our intuition and what is best for our highest good!


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