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Check out my Services & Fees for associated cost with any of my services. For all other enquiries and additional information about my services or to make any bookings you can choose from any of the following options to contact me:

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Mobile telephone:  +64 210 811 2008

You can also find me on Facebook, Instagram & Twitter:  @ ThereseElizabeth

I am also available via Skype: @ ThereseElizabeth

All sessions, workshops and groups are held in my healing haven and full address is given when sessions are confirmed.

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7 thoughts on “Contact me

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  2. Hi Therese,
    I was wondering how long the sessions are for thr combination therapy package?
    For the past life regression service, what is the recommended time period between each session?

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    1. Hi Janelle, I recommend for first session to allow 1 to 2 hours, and each session following at least an hour.

      PLR is very much a soul recalling and I suggest my clients allow themselves a reasonable time between sessions to allow the healing from recall to settle. In most instances you will just know, your soul will nudged you. However, from my personal experiences I waited a month to 6weeks and that worked well for me. Everyone is different, trusting your intuition is key.

      More than happy to chat if any further questions arise. My no. Is +64 210 811 2008

      Thank you for your interest.


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