Spiritual Healing

What is Spiritual healing?

Firstly, let me just say that we are all born spiritual healers. It’s whether we choose to acknowledge and work with the source of this gift that makes the difference. By choosing to connect with your Source, you become the channel or instrument of this incredible divine power, and spiritual healing happens as a result of surrendering to the Divine.

Everything about us as human beings is energy and yes spiritual healing is often thought of or considered to be energy healing by many. Hence there are overlapping similarities affecting your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels of life. The practices may well be very different of an energy healer or the same as a spiritual healer, it does not matter for it is what the healer and the client lean towards that matters.

In essence, as a spiritual healer, I am very aware that I am an instrument, a vessel, the vehicle for receiving Divine intervention from my source. When working with my clients I also am very aware that I am being divinely guided with the healing words I speak, the crystals I choose to use for each session, together with the energy source that flows through my healing hands at the point of touch (if and when guided to do so). I have no traditional techniques, I only know that through my belief and the willingness of my clients to also believe that sharing the gifts I have been blessed with helps with their healing of illness or disease, and / or become relatively pain free from injury or ailments. There is definitely something to be said for the beauty in believing, and I am a true believer.

healing.jpgWhat you are likely to experience!

Every individuals experience is unique and there is no right or wrong to how healing happens, for it is indeed a blessed miracle. I can only share with you my own experience of the intense relief that I experienced from a spiritual healing session.

For a good 9 months, I was experiencing intense pain in my right knee. Walking upstairs was very difficult and at night while sleeping the pain would wake me periodically. General walking was just bearable, however there was a constant clicking noise that just got louder and louder as the days went on. Pain medication and therapy was a temporary relief only, so I embarked on the journey of tuning into the healing power from within. I connected in with my source, I meditated on the pain, I questioned its purpose for being in my body, I became the pain within my knee and as I came to the realisation of why it was even present, I then accepted it, forgave myself for the part I played in causing it to happen and released it with gratitude. Later that afternoon of doing this healing session, a girlfriend of mine who was staying with me at the time, brought to my attention the fact that my knee wasn’t making that dreadful clicking noise and I was walking around limp free. It was only in that moment, that I fully realised that my knee was indeed healed and completely pain and noise free. To this day since April 2014, I remain pain free with no clicks to be heard of in my right knee!

If you are willing to connect with your source too and this is an avenue of healing that you are wanting to experience, then I invite you to Contact me or Book an appointment and allow me to be your instrument, your guide, your vessel to help you heal and overcome obstacles that are preventing you from living your life in alignment with your true spirit. Please allow 1 – 1.5 hrs per session. Check out my Services & Fees for associated cost.

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