Live on YouTube!

Moving into the 21st century!

youtube image purpleWell I have done it. Times are a changing for me. After much encouragement from my business coach and publisher, I decided it was high time I moved into this century by creating  my own channel and uploading video’s to yet another avenue on multimedia. I am now live on YouTube!

The day I reconciled myself to the fact that I really did need to put a voice and face to ThereseElizabeth – Alternative Healing Therapist, was a day to contend with! It was another way to enhance my website and other media avenues that I use, such as Pinterest, Facebook, Google, Twitter, and Linkedin.

Short video’s are a great way to connect with people, promote and show the world who you are and what you do, apparently! So I took heed, advice and warning and plunged into an abyss of staring into a camera, trying to be a la natural with ease and grace! Did it work? Well that I will leave up to you to comment on, my mighty followers!

So here goes for my first round of live entertainment! I hope you enjoy them and if you are drawn, you might like to subscribe to “My Channel” after you check out the short video’s below. Rest assured there will be more recordings both voice and live coming up for meditations, hypnotherapy, past life regression, creative visualization and lots more, so stayed tuned!  Thanks for your time and taking a look at me.