For what purpose do we choose to worry?

Worry is an incredibly powerful state of being, if you allow it to be in control of your life. The verb “worry” according to the Oxford dictionary means:

“Feel or cause to feel anxious or troubled about actual or potential problems”.

So why do we choose worry over faith and trust, when you know only too well what worry can do to  you. Is there such a thing as “healthy worry”?

a day of worry

There are all kinds of worry, that I do understand. The worry over your children or your elderly parents, the worry when faced with illness or death, the worry when you have no job or income, the worry when a relationship is in turmoil etc are all valid reasons to worry, along with millions of others. With every reason to worry, there will always be a challenge in making a choice that is right for you, which ultimately will enable change to come about.

When your mind (your ego) is in control of your worry, it’s very difficult to accept the challenge, to make the choice, to welcome the change. So why not invite and give permission to your unconscious mind (your inner wisdom and higher self) to step in and give your ego the day off and work on turning the day into everyday off. Working with worry is debilitating, so why not resign from worry and free up your life and notice then how incredibly powerful this new state of being is for you.

Take time to hear what is not being spoken!

When was the last time you were in a situation where all’s you were hearing were “angry” words? How did you respond? Was it with your “angry” voice too, or did you choose to use your “hearing” voice? It is far easier to not hear what is really being said, then it is to train our ears to hear the unspoken. It takes strength, courage, time and patience but most of all understanding and these are all lessons that we have at some time or other in our lives needed to learn or maybe even still need to learn!

Anngry words means somethingWhat is truly incredible is when you are able to respond with your “hearing” voice, doing so is a blessing, a gift, maybe even a wee miracle for the one who is in fact reaching out. So next time you are faced or confronted with “angry” words, step back and see what you can hear, for you may just be the miracle of their day and imagine how amazing that would feel to know you too have learnt another lesson on your life path!

Moving forward on your life purpose

Master in the making

One of the many challenges in life comes about when you reach a point of knowing that it is definitely time to move forward on your life purpose. Yet you are in fear and holding tight to that block which, very loudly pounds in your mind “I am just not ready”.

Sure you may have to do some research or study or practice in the first instance to get you going but there does come that point where you have done enough to just begin. Trust and have a little faith in yourself so you can spread your wings and become the butterfly of change!

You may be wondering now, “how do I know when I’ve discovered my life purpose”? Listen to your heart and hear the hum, listen to your soul and hear it sing and when the two are harmonising the same tune, guaranteed you have found your life purpose! So go explore and do what makes these things happen inside of you, and while you are serving your life purpose, know that your life purpose is serving you and others in return!

Take a moment to listen to this video by Doreen Virtue – Moving forward on Your Life Purpose and take the leap of faith and believe in yourself, for it is time!

Talking and listening a cycle!

Both talking and listening are very much a gift but can be defined also as a rare talent. Do you use your gifts and talents wisely for the purpose of why you were given them in the first place?

Talking vs ListeningWhen you talk, is it because you like to hear the sound of your own voice? Or are you sharing your wisdom and knowledge? Are you talking in the best way you know how for the person or persons who are in your audience or company?

When you listen, is it something you do because you are interested in what others have to say? Or do you do it out of courtesy? Or is it because you want to learn and maybe in turn talk about what you’ve learnt?

And so it is that the cycle goes on! Become the best listener you can be, so that you can become the best talker that others want to listen to!

Letting go of the fear!

Living with fear is such a waste of precious vibrant energy. FACT!

Everything you want

Have you ever stopped to take note at how controlling and debilitating fear is? So, why do you allow your mind to hang onto it? For it surely doesn’t flow from your heart!

When you allow fear in, ask yourself then, what is missing? Is it lack of faith, lack of vision, lack of knowing and believing, lack of trusting, lack of accepting and understanding that everything in your life comes to you in the exact right moment and that is all about Divine timing! For everything you do want is indeed waiting for you on the other side of the wall or the block of that ego based emotion known as fear.

Fear also brings worry and the more you have of both, the more you attract. Why would you want and choose to give yourself these not so precious gifts? For they both do more harm than good! So how about you let your unconscious mind, your higher self take control of your mind and get rid of the fear and worry and restore peace and calm back into your being!

Spiritual enlightenment – are you there yet?

What’s on my mind today is how far along I am on my spiritual path to complete enlightenment, and I wondered if you might be wondering it too, about yourself!

Instead of reinventing the wheel at this stage, I decided I would share with you this link to “enlightenment” by Charles A. Francis. It shares his insight into the 12 qualities of an enlightened human being and it truly inspires me to keep working on being complete!still becoming

1. Happiness  2. Peaceful and Serene  3. Loving, Kind, and Compassionate  4. Not Self-Centered  5. Emotionally Stable  6. Patient and Understanding  7. Humble  8. Insightful and Open-Minded  9. Inner Strength  10. Leadership  11. Mindful of His Health  12. Committed to their Spiritual Practice

With all that said, it takes practice and effort and determination to become completely enlightened. There are and will be times as a human being that we stumble on this path, but in the end that complete state of peace and happiness will be oh so very worth all the hard yards. I for one am very much looking forward to reaching this state!

Being polite or flirting?

Have you ever extended a kind deed or gesture of “politeness” and had it misconstrued for “flirting”? Or with the shoe on the other foot that someone has extended it to you, and you’ve been the guilty one for thinking, “oh WOW are they flirting with me?”

Today it seems that this is not uncommon in our society and sadly really that we may have become so self absorbed to think and even believe that being polite is actually flirting.

Being politeBeing polite is “marked by or showing consideration for others and observance of accepted social usage”. Whereas, to flirt is “to act as if one is sexually attracted to another person, usually in a playful manner”.

Everything is right about being polite and there’s nothing wrong with flirting either, as long as it is done with good intention.  So why not make a concerted effort to recognise and acknowledge the difference between “being polite” and being flirtatious. Enjoy and have fun doing both, with good intention!