Moving forward on your life purpose

Master in the making

One of the many challenges in life comes about when you reach a point of knowing that it is definitely time to move forward on your life purpose. Yet you are in fear and holding tight to that block which, very loudly pounds in your mind “I am just not ready”.

Sure you may have to do some research or study or practice in the first instance to get you going but there does come that point where you have done enough to just begin. Trust and have a little faith in yourself so you can spread your wings and become the butterfly of change!

You may be wondering now, “how do I know when I’ve discovered my life purpose”? Listen to your heart and hear the hum, listen to your soul and hear it sing and when the two are harmonising the same tune, guaranteed you have found your life purpose! So go explore and do what makes these things happen inside of you, and while you are serving your life purpose, know that your life purpose is serving you and others in return!

Take a moment to listen to this video by Doreen Virtue – Moving forward on Your Life Purpose and take the leap of faith and believe in yourself, for it is time!

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