Take time to hear what is not being spoken!

When was the last time you were in a situation where all’s you were hearing were “angry” words? How did you respond? Was it with your “angry” voice too, or did you choose to use your “hearing” voice? It is far easier to not hear what is really being said, then it is to train our ears to hear the unspoken. It takes strength, courage, time and patience but most of all understanding and these are all lessons that we have at some time or other in our lives needed to learn or maybe even still need to learn!

Anngry words means somethingWhat is truly incredible is when you are able to respond with your “hearing” voice, doing so is a blessing, a gift, maybe even a wee miracle for the one who is in fact reaching out. So next time you are faced or confronted with “angry” words, step back and see what you can hear, for you may just be the miracle of their day and imagine how amazing that would feel to know you too have learnt another lesson on your life path!

7 thoughts on “Take time to hear what is not being spoken!

  1. Thank you Therese,it is something i have not thought about but with these woeds of wisdom i will take note if i am ever in that situation and hope it makes me a better person. 🙂


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