Are you aware of your gifts?

healingOver the years I have all too often not even thought about, acknowledged or given thanks to my Creator for the unlimited gifts that have been given to me, which ultimately help me out continuously on my life’s journey. You may well be asking right now, “what gifts are you talking about?”

As it happened, I was guided just recently to prepare and speak of these gifts at one of my meditation & spiritual development groups. When the guidance came to me from my spiritual realm to “speak and share about your gifts” I questioned this guidance by thinking, “seriously, this group is not about me?” Just before I sat down at my laptop to prepare my notes and the guided meditation I would share, I stood in front of my bookcase in my therapy room and the one book that seemed to flash at me (also another sign of guidance) was by Sonia Choquette – Grace, Guidance & Gifts. In this book lay the inherent message that it wasn’t “my gifts” it was “all of our spiritual gifts”.

Our spiritual gifts are indeed unlimited. As I listened to Sonia’s guided meditation titled “Gifts”, which comes with this book on a CD, I actually chuckled at the mention she made, that we might not recognize “the ability to disrupt” as a gift, but in actual fact it is! So too, I feel “the art of procrastination” is one of my greatest gifts, and now instead of thinking of it as a negative behavior that I am wanting to change, I am accepting of it as a gift that seriously does at times, serve it’s purpose.

Oh so often I have spoken about and reflected upon things like patience, humor, order, listening, leadership, teaching, nurturing and labelled them as learned behaviors and life lessons. In effect these are all simply, our spiritual gifts. Together with generosity, inspiration, faith, beauty (internal & external), healing energy, compassion, service, music, silence, courage, friendship, truth and inner peace, all of which comes through each and every one of us, from Spirit. In essence though, the one gift that stands out for me from all of the above and oh so many more is “the holy breath of life”.

VLUU L100, M100  / Samsung L100, M100To quote Sonia Choquette: “Breath is life. Breath is Spirit. Without breath there is no life. Don’t resist or hold your breath. You have been given the gift of breath from your Divine creator. Allow the gift of breath, of life, to course through your being.”

Our gifts don’t stop here at these twenty odd that I have mentioned as they are limitless to your uniqueness. Give yourself a gift right now and allow yourself to sit quietly, tune out from all the worldly distractions and outside noises and listen to any meditation to connect in with your higher self, to acknowledge, accept and extend gratitude to your creator for the abundance of incredible gifts that have been given to you too.