Past Life Regression

“For one moment our lives met, our souls touched.” ― Oscar Wilde

What is Past Life Regression (PLR)?

It is an extremely powerful way to heal in the present, to release and let go of the past and to bring more understanding in support of moving forward. PLR is a technique used to access your soul’s memories (your Akashic records) of your past lives or reincarnations.

Enjoy this short video titled “Past Life Regression”.

Hypnosis is used to place your “conscious” mind and your body into a deep state of relaxation, allowing your soul’s memories of your past lives to be brought into your awareness.

The purpose for experiencing past life regression is different for every individual. In many cases, one session isn’t enough, which is why I offer packages for this service. You may want to:

  • have a spiritual experience
  • gain enlightenment on your life purpose
  • heal you of your fears and anxieties, which may be linked to past life traumas
  • access a life and identify the co-relation between recurring pain, illness or symptom in your present life that has no medical reason for its existence and release it, to become free from the recurring issue.
  • help your soul grow and understand the lessons it was put on this earth in this lifetime to learn
  • understand the soul connections you have made in this lifetime, what and who they were to you in your past lives.
  • help heal current relationships (Dr Brian Weiss describes how past-life regression can help heal and strengthen current relationships – check out this link Dr Brian Weiss).

Every person may have different experiences with each past life recalled. Some feel, some see like a movie playing across the screen, some smell, some hear. Or they may even experience all of these senses. Whatever you experience is okay, for it is just that, your soul’s experience!

Check out my Services & Fees for associated cost. All sessions can be done in person or via Skype! Why not book an appointment with me for a session. The experience for whatever purpose you are choosing will be incredibly worth it! Please allow up to 2 hrs per session.

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