2015 the year that was!

2016As the last day of 2015 unfolds, I took some time out to reflect over what was for me in this past year.

What an incredible year of beautiful blessings of which many began as challenges. I know that I wouldn’t be alone either when I say this.

It’s been a year of working trips & travels, setting up a practice in Auckland, New Zealand, taking my therapy services on the road to Otautau and reaching far and wide into all of Southland, New Zealand, bringing on board a Reiki Healing Haven master practioner, attending the monthly Mt Eden Wellbeing Fairs, spending quality time with friends and family, further developing my skills and knowledge through courses & seminars, helping others to re-experience their past lives, working with the power of one’s mind to change the way it thinks about what was holding them back, enabling many to let go of what was, planning and organizing Meditation & Spiritual Development Meetup Groups and ultimately bringing light and love back into many lost and disconnected souls lives once more, and for them to come to know their own true self-worth…..WOW!

For me, pushing forward through the fog and into the clearing, riding the roller coaster called life to connect with and help as many souls as possible, has been the most rewarding and at times overwhelming blessings bestowed upon me. The greatest gift is realizing I have found my soul’s purpose and that I am serving my gift as it continues to serve me. I am an Alternative Healing Therapist practicing Past Life Regression, Hypnotherapy and Spiritual Healing while continuing to fulfill every day, my greatest of passions, My Writing journey!

Why not skip over and check out my Testimonials to see what others have had to say about what I did for them. If you like what you read, why not make 2016 your most ridiculously amazing year too. Just give me a call on +64 210 811 2008 or Book an Appointment with me!

2 thoughts on “2015 the year that was!

  1. Hi Therese Elizabeth, Yes 2015 was a difficult year for many but we must remember who we are and keep our light burning brightly. Remembering intention will always win over the darkness, I wish you and your readers a bright and wonderful 2016.
    Kindest regards Terry Wilson.


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