Are you a creative manifestor?

Snapshots of how creative vision works for me!

Over the years I have worked consistently with creative visualization and manifestation and my results have been to date very significantly successful. Here are a few of my outcomes and these in no way account for all the little desires that I have asked for and abundantly received throughout my life.

36crestwood1Many years ago now, in the early 1990’s after walking away from a small business that didn’t work, I wondered if I would ever own a home. In 1996, I went into partnership with my best friend and we built a home as tennants in common. In 2000, a second joint venture was drawn up and built, resulting in a beautiful home to enjoy for many years till sold in late 2013. At the time of building this home, we as the owners declared to each other that this would be our retirement investment and we set a price to which we wanted to achieve when it sold. Incredibly so, we attempted to sell it a few times since 2004 as changes occurred, and it never would. Each time we just couldn’t understand why until it finally did sell obviously at the right time, for the right reasons and for our highest good, resulting in receiving $13k more than the price we set way back in 2000 when it was built. As is always the case, be careful what you wish for as it may well be just what you get or better!

Arriving in Auckland 2013At the end of 2006, after working in Auckland, New Zealand for a couple of years, I returned to Australia. The opportunity to work here was a result of job redundancy in 2004 which I saw as an absolute gift. For it was while I was living here then, experiencing a wonderful working holiday, that I began albeit not in earnest to start my writing journey. I voiced to the winds which carried my wishes to the Universe as I sailed away, “one day I will return and make this beautiful country my home”. I never in my wildest dreams thought it would be so soon. In 2013 I returned by ship. Travelled for 3 months soaking up the beauty of New Zealand and finally decided to nestle in Auckland while endeavouring to establish myself practicing my therapy, following my writing passions and truly serving my life purpose. The gifts and guidance the Universe presents is truly a blessing in disguise, of course only if it is seen and accepted with gratitude.

In 2009, I began creating my “Soulmate’s Wish List”. As I evolved on my spiritual journey, so too did my list and it ended up over two pages of bullet points, reflecting not only my own values and beliefs but also what was important to me characteristically of another spiritual being who I wanted as a compliment to me in a loving, committed relationship. I printed, folded and placed this list into a little organza pouch and pasted it into the relationship corner of one of my creative vision boards, along with photos of mature couples, rings and many other aspects important to a loving and committed relationship. My heart’s desire was out there with the Universe and my intention was set to attract the perfect soulmate for me. Finally the Universe had sourced and presented to me, a soulmate, the one who ticked all of the points on my wish list. My patience, together with asking, trusting, having faith, believing and by visualizing and feeling what it would be like to have the perfect mate for me in my life, paid off quite a few years later!

My 2012 Vision boardIn early 2012, for my 50th birthday a trip of a lifetime came to fruition. The one I had dreamed of and thought about since I was 18 years of age, taking 3 months off to travel the world. What was originally going to be only a 2 week stay in Paris, began with a 47 night cruise from Sydney, Australia to Southampton, England; a week of sightseeing around London and surrounds with the highlight – staying at The Ritz; followed by a week in Paris and surrounds;  training it across Europe to Lucerne, Switzerland for a couple of days; then onto Rome, Italy for a week, then spending 2 weeks in a villa in Tuscany, Italy visiting as much as I could in this space of time while celebrating and sharing my birthday with eleven family and friends joining me all the way from Australia and New Zealand; and finally wrapping up this incredibly joyous trip that was a long time manifesting, with 2 weeks around Ireland with family. Wow, a vision that did indeed pay big dividends!

My last day at ssAfter returning from this incredible trip in mid 2012, I made the decision that I would leave the Corporate world by the end of the year and take full flight in following my life purpose to write, to further my skills and practice my therapy work on a full time basis. I figured out a budget of what I would need financially to support myself for a year while I travelled some more, do the upskilling I needed and eventually find a new place to call home. I had written the amount I desired in my journal way before I had even left on my trip and 3 weeks after my return a big restructue was happening in the workplace and my team were offered the opportunity of taking a voluntary redundancy. I didn’t hesitate for I saw this as an absolute gift, an opportunity to finally follow my purpose. Lo n behold the paperwork was submitted, a calculation of payout was given back to me and it was the exact same amount as what I had written in my journal with a positve difference of $734. By the time I had finished up 2 months later in August 2012, I had received an additional amount that would support me for a further 4 months! Once more the Universe had responded to my asking in a way that I never dreamed or imagined.

houseWhile I was travelling around New Zealand 2013 with my best friend, I jotted in my journal the type of house that would be suitable to co-own, either to live in or have as a holiday destination or even use to stay in while taking my house view 2therapy on the road or possibly even retire in down the track. I made this statement, “what is the point in coming all the way to this magnificent country which has a view at every twist and turn, and not have one from your own front door? house view 3At the very least a water view with hills and dales, or a mountain view, elevated, white, quaint and cosy andhouse view minimum three bedrooms and that it is in great living condition”.  12 months later a house fitting this description but with oh so much more, was purchased.

While I am truly passionate about creative visualization and manifesting all that your heart truly desires, the road to receiving it isn’t always the straight high road to success. As a human being we often take the low road as a challenging detour, sometimes with lots of laughs and other times with tears of frustration. In the end though and with out a doubt in my mind, you always end up with something equal to or better than what you asked for in the beginning, of course as long as it is for your highest good and is not for the detriment of others too, the Universe will find a way to deliver it to you. So the key to manifesting is setting the intention, asking, letting it be to manifest and leaving the how and when alone, believing it is coming and that you are worthy and deserving of receiving, trusting and feeling it as though it is already so, and open your arms to receive it with guidance, grace and gratitude!

Check out my Creative Vision Workshop held once a month and if you can’t join me, then why not gather your own materials and get creative yourself. Happy meditating and manifesting to you!