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What others have to say!
If you are anything like me, I like to know what others have to say before I finally decide whether or not to choose them and their services. Here’s what my clients have to say about their own experiences with me.  In gratitude, Namaste! ThereseElizabeth
“My dreams already are echoing your wisdom. I am grateful and very open minded to you and your services. I thank you.”
Peter, Southland
♥ “Meeting you and having the therapy sessions has given me strength to get through some challenges. It would be so easy to feel miserable through this time of ill health. You texted me sometime ago that you could see some hurdles but that you see me jumping these. Your words are incredibly powerful and have been an incredible beacon of light that has enabled me to get through some tough times. Thank you for being in my life and your words of wisdom. You have so much to give.”
Dianne, Invercargill
“Your work is amazing and I’m grateful your here and we have crossed paths and I thank you with all my heart xx.”
Melanie, Southland
“I just want to say a huge thank you for your work yesterday, I left feeling so much lighter and happier. Almost like the fog had lifted. I relistened to my recording today while cleaning and picked up on even more messages. I will definitely be back and will be recommending you to everyone.”
Ana, Invercargill
“Thanks so much , I have no worries at all in recommending you to everyone. You are an amazing lady.”
Alison, Christchurch
♥ “I just wanted to say thank you so much that past life regression session, it has truly changed my life! Thank you for the link for the guided meditation Cut the Chords, it has also been very helpful”.
Ashley, Southland
♥ “Thanks ThereseElizabeth. It was a good experience and reiterated that I need to work on getting out of my head and letting go which I already knew and now really know. I’m looking forward to the next few days and hopefully finding more clarity. I’ll do the healing and will be in touch. Thanks again, you’re such a warm and generous person.”
Jody, Southland
♥ “I was guided to this gorgeous woman for support with anxiety and stress. I fully recommend her and I will be returning to work on other issues to improve my quality of life further. ThereseElizabeth is kind, nurturing, perceptive, honest and full of love. My session was amazing. She really listened to me and drew out key issues to create a session that was unique to me. Using my key words and empowering me. ThereseElizabeth is just the person I was searching for. She is a truly knowledgeable practitioner that I highly recommended. I have no doubt that if you want to heal and you work with her -you will heal. Many thanks, and love to you Therese Elizabeth. Therese Elizabeth is my first choice for past life regression.
I’m doing amazingly well after my session with you. Thank you. I passed my first year grad and am feeling good. Amazing actually. You have been instrumental in supporting me at this time of life and I really appreciate you.”
Della, Southland
♥ “A wonderful healer and spiritual guide. Best couple of hours spent with this lovely lady. Thank you xx so much ThereseElizabeth. Tonight was very special and healing in more ways I thought was possible. You have a very special gift and you’re the most beautiful person. Thanks again and I’ll be in touch so I can explore my past life.”
Averill, Southland
♥ “ThereseElizabeth is a gentle and talented lady. I have worked with her with card readings and hypnosis to marvellous effect. I will never forget the regression hypnosis with her, I felt very comfortable. I happily recommend ThereseElizabeth to anyone.”
Christine, Auckland
♥ “Therese you are amazing and I cannot stop thinking about Wednesday afternoon and the help you gave us all. I believe in prayer as well as self management. helping others souls to evolve n grow is indeed your life purpose and is perfect for you as you do it so well! Do feel blessed to know you!”
Kay, Southland
♥ “Thank you for the highly tuned in, clear and very helpful reading you did for me at the Mt Eden Wellness Fair on Saturday. Even at the end of a busy workday you still brought such a full and clear energy. Your gift is amazing and you are most generous with it. Your talent and angelic presence really stands out. It is also deeply appreciated. I’ll highly recommend you to my friends and acquaintances. Thanks, again! Wishing you very well. Kindest regards,”
Maria, Auckland
♥ “Just wanted you to know how much your reading meant to me today. You are a special soul and I am so pleased I was guided to you. Hope we meet again. With love.”
Sandy, Auckland
♥ “I recently was guided to Therese’s website and got really excited about her one day Vision board workshop and knew it was for me. Therese wraps you in her arms on arrival and you immediately feel comfortable in her presence. The day was magical and fly’s by before you know it. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Therese and I would love to go and try all she offers in the way of healing and development. Highly recommended. Thanks once again to you Therese and all who guide you xx” 
Christine, Invercargill NZ
♥ “Thank you so much for all you have done for me.  I still struggle with my anxiety but it is definitely not as bad as it was.  I am missing my “Kitty” so much at the moment – it is like another major wave of grief has come over me.  I guess it is normal.  I am so sad that my special boy is not here in his physical form but I still feel he is here in spirit.  I  just miss him so much!!! If it is ok with you I would like to keep in touch and when I get it set up I would like to Skype you occasionally for a session.  I always found our sessions enjoyable and so relaxing.” 
Michelle, Papakura NZ
♥ “What a fantastic day with such lovely ladies. Thank you so much ThereseElizabeth for your exceptional guidance and tools to craft our vision boards and visual diaries. You went beyond my expectation and were so generous. I attended the monthly vision board workshop recently and ThereseElizabeth was an exceptionally generous, gifted guide and host. There was much laughter throughout the day as we wove our goals, dreams and aspirations into a visual format. We went home with a beautiful box each filled with goodies to help us continue and expand the work we had begun. Oh don’t let me forget the food. Home baking in far too easy reach throughout the day and delicious healthy toasters for lunch. Thanks again for your generosity of the gifts, time and spirit ThereseElizabeth! “ 
Kay, Green Bay NZ
♥ “I have been on an amazing spiritual journey, after experiencing both Hypnotherapy and Past Life Regression with ThereseElizabeth.  She has certainly given me tools through her therapy work in order for me to heal as a person both mentally and physically.  With these tools I have been able to sleep more peacefully, I am more effective in my working life as well as in my personal life.  Past life regression was something I wanted to experience and I am glad I was able to take up this amazing opportunity.  I highly recommend anyone wanting to make changes in their personal lives, that they make contact with ThereseElizabeth. The work she does is a blessing and she is a genuine earthly angel sent to us all by God. Namaste.”
Kerry, Clarkes Beach NZ
♥ “I did some Past Life work with ThereseElizabeth.  I had met her at the Mt Eden Wellness Fair.  I was very impressed with her work, and the gentle way she put me at ease in reviewing past life issues.  I felt totally safe and would recommend her to anyone looking for a practitioner with integrity in accessing past life situations.” 
Valerie, Mt Eden NZ
♥ “ThereseElizabeth thank you so much for the wonderful Past Life Regression session. I had a very amazing experience. As much as I was prepared to visualise scenes from the past memories, I was not expecting any physical sensations to my body whilst going through the session. It was remarkable!!! I really enjoyed taking the journey into my past lives with you. You made me feel so safe and comfortable. Thank you.” 
Farah, Grey Lynn NZ
♥ “So far my anxiety has gone!!! I’m not worrying about things like I was. I feel much more at peace with everything around me. It’s rather amazing really to be honest. I no longer dwell on things that I cannot control. My diet is going  well. I’ve lost 3.2kgs. I no longer crave foods that are bad for me…like McDonald’s. I don’t feel hungry all the time and I don’t obsess with food any more. I eat when I am genuinely hungry and not for comfort. So that’s been a massive change for me!! So yes, overall, lots of positive changes happening. Which I am very very happy about. So pleased I came to see you, my hypnotherapy sessions with you have been successful. I am truly so grateful to you. The work you do is truly amazing!! 
Rachael, Wallacetown NZ 
♥ “Thank you! I have wanted to do a past life regression for years. I had tried it myself a few times always getting the same girl in the same clothing. I knew what country I was in but could never go further to find out the rest. When I went to see ThereseElizabeth I wasn’t sure what to expect. I was on Facebook and she really did jump out at me so I just went with it. I was completely blown away by my experience. Not only was I the same girl I had experienced before but I was able to go much further. What’s so incredible is how it all lined up with all my surroundings, fears and my dreams. The orbs in all my photos of specific places of travel right down to the date of my daughters birth and also her name! I’m so grateful I found ThereseElizabeth. I felt very safe with her and released a huge amount of overwhelming sadness. I came away feeling so much lighter and stronger. I can’t recommend her enough. I do believe we carry so much hidden memory and energy from our past live’s. How freeing it is to be able to release it. Thank you ThereseElizabeth. I look forward to my next regression.” 
Claire, West Auckland NZ
♥ “Thank you for your nourishing energy and love today. I felt  lighter while driving home, almost like a weight off my shoulders. It was not what I expected to hear but it was what my soul needed to hear. Once again thank you for the past life regression session. I feel it has to be the beginning of things to come.” 
Surbhix, Auckland NZ
♥ “Thank you Therese for the session. This has changed me for the better and I learnt a lot from your therapy. I like the work you do. You are qualified and professional. This is the first time I have felt grateful to be alive as a human. I have always wanted to be away from earth in another “better” place. I have recommended you to others and shared your page on Facebook. Many thanks, I feel very much healed and I am looking forward to the future and letting go of what was and has been. The effects have lessened now, but it was an amazing and life changing experience.” 
Hine, Hamilton NZ
♥ When I first decided to give hypnotherapy a go to see if it would stop me biting my nails, my first instinct was “oh yeah whatever”, because I had been doing it for over 20 years. I thought surely this couldn’t get me to stop, and to start growing my nails but it took just one session. The proud moment was when I could see the white tips over the tops of my fingers. WOW! It truly is amazing therapy and it does work, couldn’t doubt it now. I most certainly am telling everyone I know that I was a nail biter and my nails are a result of ThereseElizabeth’s hypnotherapy magic. It just works, and it is definitely the way to go if you have any unpleasant or unwanted habits or anything really for that matter that you are ready to remove from your life. It’s the pain-free and extremely pleasant way to go!” 
Kerry, Manuwera NZ 
♥ “I would definitely recommend the experience of past life regression, it is a great thing to do. It helps you to enhance your life and to think about whats happening as well as help shift you to a better place. It is really inspiring and the notion of reliving your own souls story is profound. It’s as though you are reading your very own book of lives. It gives you the opportunity while in this life, to open up that new chapter to write it differently as you are learning from your past life experiences. That’s what this book is really, learning through the chapters and then all of a sudden a new story is created.” 
Lisa, Southland NZ
♥ “My past life regression was a very interesting experience and not what I expected at all. I was able to visit places that I did not think I would be able to go, places that I have never seen in  my head before. It was very cool. I don’t know what else to say, I was very taken aback. At all times, I felt OK with what I was experiencing, I was very comfortable and safe. At no point did I think, that I didn’t want to go there. Thank you for an amazing experience!” 
Greer, Brisbane AUS
♥ “I am in bliss! That is the best way to describe my past life regression experience with you. The experience didn’t feel like the hour or so. It was really really powerful. Everything I saw, I had a connection to, especially the heart connection. It was so strong. It was showing me and telling me this was the answer “to listen to your heart, the heart has the answers”. I could feel the change in vibration as I went through different lifetimes. Sometimes I was ahead of you while you were guiding but that’s fine. I slowed down then as I was rushing and just wanted to get there. Once I started to slow down and observe it, it was good. The right word to describe it was bliss, pure bliss I say. Thank you very much.” 
Derek, Auckland NZ
♥ “I have for years, wanted to experience my past lives but didn’t know where to look and then I found you and knew the time was right. Why I chose you was because I could feel your bubbly energy, then I saw your name ThereseElizabeth and thought, what a beautiful name. You are very professional and I knew I could really trust you. Your voice, the way you speak is beautiful. I was fully okay with you and I trusted everything you said. It was like my best buddy sitting there and guiding me. I felt very very warm, safe and at ease. I really loved it and I definitely want to go further with this. I think you are awesome!  To sum it up, just come and experience it, you have to.” 
Ranga, Auckland NZ
♥ “I would like to thank ThereseElizabeth for helping me find my inner spiritual guidance. Therese has a wonderful gift with her work and I would highly recommend her for anyone seeking hypnotherapy treatment or past life regression. I am coping with potentially stressful situations with control and confidence directly from Therese’s advice and therapy.  Thank you Therese Elizabeth!”  
William, Manuwera NZ
♥ “Just wanted to say thank you again for my second past life regression. I loved everything about it, and what really stands out is your adaptability so you could use the energies I like to work with, and the gentle way you guide me through the regression. I haven’t listened to the recording yet – I might just leave that for a while so my unconscious mind can play with the events that unfolded. And (!) two tough cardio workouts now and no headache. I think we might have got that sorted. I totally recommend you to anyone who might be interested in experiencing a past life regression and do if someone asks. Thank you again.” 
Christine, St Heliers NZ
♥ “Thank you sincerely for my past life regression session. I was fascinated at how peaceful I felt that night and I enjoyed a most peaceful sleep. It was a great feeling. Also, thank you for the conversation we had following our past life regression sessions. It was personally energizing and rewarding.”
Rhys, St Heliers NZ
♥ “Thanks for your care! I am so appreciative what you have done for me through past life regression and a healing for my dad who was in intensive care. My dad just got better after I was home for a week. I really appreciate your healing power. What happened to dad for the past few days, I think it is beyond human’s power. So much to share with you! I also asked my mum how was she when she carried me. It has been approved she was under pressure as was the environment then. So healing! So much love around my family now instead of misunderstanding and anxiousness and anger.”
Annie, Auckland NZ

5 thoughts on “Recommendations & Feedback

  1. I recently was guided to Therese’s website and got really excited about her one day Vision board workshop and knew it was for me. Therese wraps you in her arms on arrival and you immediately feel comfortable in her presence. The day was magical and fly’s by before you know it. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Therese and I would love to go and try all she offers in the way of healing and development. Highly recommended. Thanks once again to you Therese and all who guide you xx


  2. Thank you so much Christine for your wonderful feedback! So glad that your experience was magical. Look forward to when the next opportunity arises for us to work together. ThereseElizabeth!


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