For what purpose do we choose to worry?

Worry is an incredibly powerful state of being, if you allow it to be in control of your life. The verb “worry” according to the Oxford dictionary means:

“Feel or cause to feel anxious or troubled about actual or potential problems”.

So why do we choose worry over faith and trust, when you know only too well what worry can do to  you. Is there such a thing as “healthy worry”?

a day of worry

There are all kinds of worry, that I do understand. The worry over your children or your elderly parents, the worry when faced with illness or death, the worry when you have no job or income, the worry when a relationship is in turmoil etc are all valid reasons to worry, along with millions of others. With every reason to worry, there will always be a challenge in making a choice that is right for you, which ultimately will enable change to come about.

When your mind (your ego) is in control of your worry, it’s very difficult to accept the challenge, to make the choice, to welcome the change. So why not invite and give permission to your unconscious mind (your inner wisdom and higher self) to step in and give your ego the day off and work on turning the day into everyday off. Working with worry is debilitating, so why not resign from worry and free up your life and notice then how incredibly powerful this new state of being is for you.

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