Are you attracting what you are?

Have you ever stopped to think about what is coming into your everyday life? Is it who and what you truly want and desire?

BLOG - Attract what you are

Maybe it is time to stop and reflect and take a good long hard look at yourself and open your eyes to see what is coming into your life, to see what kind of person you have become. For everything you do, say, think, and portray, is exactly what you will attract.

Do you wake up each day and choose what kind of attitude you want to display across the day? Are you respectful, supportive and encouraging to those around you? Do you judge or criticize others? Are you one to complain or be grateful for all that crosses your path, including the lessons that come from the not so great experiences? Is giving without expecting in return something you do or something you wish to do more of? Do you love without condition or are you a fearful soul living with a closed heart?

No matter what you answer to yourself of any of these questions, remember always that what comes into your life is a direct reflection of what you are, the kind of person you portray, your actions, your choices, your attitudes! Become aware of who you are and if you truly love unconditionally the person you have become, you will without doubt attract all that reflects you! For you do indeed attract what you are!

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