Breaking the cycle of hurt!

We’ve all been hurt at some stage in our earthly life, that I do not doubt. The questions I raise are:

Why does it take sometimes years and years to let go of the hurt?
Why do some never let go of the hurt?
Why think it’s good for us to hold onto the hurt?
What is the point of hurting those back, who have hurt us?

How I see it is that with every ounce of hurt we’ve experienced, there is a lesson that comes with it and sometimes it takes a long time to work out what the lesson is, and sometimes we never do. What I do know is that it’s not healthy to hold onto hurt, for it truly does turn our heart and soul into a very sad and lost state.

It takes a beautiful heart and an ego less mind (one without fear) to see where the other person is coming from, to try and understand what has driven them to hurt another soul and it takes great strength and courage to turn the other cheek and not hurt them back.

Is it time to break the cycle of hurt? Yes, indeed it is for in truth we are doing more harm to ourselves than to those who do the hurting. For all that we’re born to be is being eaten up from the inside out.

Choose not to pay it forward, choose to let it go, choose to live, love, laugh and be happy with a heart full of love and compassion and a soul full of peace and joy. That’s what we are born to be.

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