Spiritual enlightenment – are you there yet?

What’s on my mind today is how far along I am on my spiritual path to complete enlightenment, and I wondered if you might be wondering it too, about yourself!

Instead of reinventing the wheel at this stage, I decided I would share with you this link to “enlightenment” by Charles A. Francis. It shares his insight into the 12 qualities of an enlightened human being and it truly inspires me to keep working on being complete!still becoming

1. Happiness  2. Peaceful and Serene  3. Loving, Kind, and Compassionate  4. Not Self-Centered  5. Emotionally Stable  6. Patient and Understanding  7. Humble  8. Insightful and Open-Minded  9. Inner Strength  10. Leadership  11. Mindful of His Health  12. Committed to their Spiritual Practice

With all that said, it takes practice and effort and determination to become completely enlightened. There are and will be times as a human being that we stumble on this path, but in the end that complete state of peace and happiness will be oh so very worth all the hard yards. I for one am very much looking forward to reaching this state!

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