Stress and anxiety – are you willing to let it go?

Ask yourself these questions

Where does stress come from?

  • Stress is created by your thoughts and anticipation of what your mind believes will happen next and can turn it into anxiety and fear.

What do you gain from allowing stress to take control of you?

  • Stress causes headaches, heart problems, skin conditions, high blood pressure, asthma, arthritis, illness, depression and anxiety and the list goes on.

Where does stress usually show up in your body when it is in control?

  • Your head, heart, on your skin, your chest, your joints, your mind.

Is there such a thing as “good” and “bad” stress?

  • Yes, in fact there is! Good stress is like waiting for the arrival of baby while standing outside of the delivery room or being called into the office and told the great news of a promotion or bonus you’ve worked so hard for. Ultimately there is an end to it. Whereas, bad stress is when you are constantly faced with challenges and there is no relief to that stress or you are unable to relax.

Everyone suffers some form of stress in their lives, be it daily, weekly, occasionally or constantly. So knowing you are not alone is a good thing. Knowing too that you can choose to not suffer from it is a great thing, right?

Have you ever consider hypnotherapy (hypnosis) to help you change the way you deal with and suffer from stress and anxiety?

  • Hypnosis for stress and anxiety helps your mind perceive situations differently, which will reduce stress and make you feel better, healthier and definitely happier. The use of hypnosis for stress and anxiety has proven to be effective for many people.

How does hypnotherapy work?

  • Through learning to relax your mind and body, which is the key component to letting go of stress from your life.
  • Through learning the technique of self-hypnosis to support you when times of stress appears
  • Changing the way your mind interprets situations that cause you stress, in turn allowing you to stay calm and in control of the situation.
  • Helping you eliminate, or at least reduce the problems that are causing you stress, by getting to the root problem.

What’s next!

Can you imagine at the end of every day being able to treat yourself to an incredible dose release from stress, tension or anxiety and prepare yourself for an awesome sleep! So what are you waiting for?

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