From habit to reality

expectation becomes habit

Do you set expectations on yourself, on others or both? Do you consider them to be a good thing or a not so good thing?

How I see it is, there is nothing wrong with having expectations but be prepared for when it turns into disappointment. For it is how we handle the disappointment that really makes the difference! Disappointment is not something you ever get used to, although some may beg to differ on this.

So the simple lesson from turning expectation into a habit and having it become your reality, is to not make a habit out of it in the first place and remember to expect the unexpected and as a result, you will never be disappointed!

One thought on “From habit to reality

  1. Hi Therese

    Please find my Testimonial below.

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    Bill Wright

    “I would like to thank Therese Elizabeth for helping me find my inner spiritual guidance.

    Therese has a wonderful gift with her work and I would highly recommend her for anyone seeking hypnotherapy treatment or past life regression.

    I am coping with potentially stressful situations with control and confidence directly from Therese’s advice and therapy.

    Thank you Therese Elizabeth!”


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