From above and beyond!

First let me ask you, if you believe we receive signs and messages from above and beyond? There’s little sayings that float around in our world that I am sure you would have heard of and a couple that spring to mind are:

“See a penny pick it up, all day long you’ll have good luck” and “when butterflies hover and feathers appear, passed over loved ones and Angels are near”.

Love n  a featherI am a true believer of signs and messages coming from above and beyond and this week I was blessed to receive many of which I would very much like to share them with you! Aside from the many dreams that I have jotted in my journal for future reference, I had this recurring message coming through beginning on Sunday and it all started with me watching the movie “P.S. I Love You” for the umpteenth time. When the theme song played “I Love You Till The End” (click the link to have a listen to the lyrics), the energy shifted around me and Angel bumps tingled in my hair. Three days later I awoke to the same words popping into my awareness “I love you till the end”. Lo n behold the next day, a page that I have liked on Facebook changed it’s name to “I Love You Till The End”. Yesterday morning as I was out walking, the same words came flooding back to me. So I just smiled and accepted the messages from above and beyond for additionally I was also guided to “see only love” in myself and others, and so it is that I do.

cropped-butterfly-0011.jpgAlso on Wednesday morning, I was basking in the precious sunshine on my front deck and this beautiful Monarch butterfly hovered then fluttered away. What is unusual is that butterflies aren’t usually around in winter and with this a smile crossed my lips, for I sensed it was another blessed sign!

rainbowWhile out walking on Thursday, I looked up to see a lovely rainbow and a few steps on I found the first of three coins, with the other two about a metre apart on the path ahead of me. I picked them up and paid them forward to two young girls that happened to be walking beside me, for I have added onto the little ditty above, “pay it forward and share the luck”. Then the next afternoon while walking again, another exquisite 180 degree perfect rainbow appeared before me as I came down the hill.

What do all these signs mean? Well we all have the ability to quiet our conscious mind and tune inwards to receive messages from our Guides and Ascended Masters, passed over loved ones, Angels and God. Whether you choose to accept them or not is up to you. For each and everyone of us has been given the choice of freewill and every path we take is different but ultimately we all end up at the same destination! Check out the link for additional signs from “above and beyond” from and become aware. Your gift is truly priceless so become aware!

2 thoughts on “From above and beyond!

  1. God sends each of us signs all the time. Through what you said Therese and through his masters and messengers and of course through his holy spirit, our soul. The trick is to stop talking and listen to God. Be happy, that’s what God wants for all his children.

    God bless Therese and keep writing, I love reading your blogs…..Terry.

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  2. Oh indeed God does Terry in many ways and through many messengers! It’s the chatter that goes on in our minds coming out through our lips that disrupts the free flow of these messages and how much better off would we all be if we did just turn the volume down or even off on that chatter LOL! Finding peace within brings all the happiness to us as we then continue to walk in the grace of God. Thank you too for your encouragement with my writing and I am so pleased to know you love it! God bless you too Terry!


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