Giving and receiving

Oh so very often the idea of, together with the action of, giving, giving, giving gives you such a buzz and that is a wonderful feeling. But have you ever noticed that there comes a point where you think to yourself, “I don’t have any more left in me to give”.

Bottom line to this is take control and don’t allow yourself to get to this stage because it can be very detrimental to your state of mind and state of being. Balance out the giving and receiving in your life and that applies to every single thing – your relationships and friendships, your work and life, Mother Earth and the Universe, your well-being and livelihood, your home and environment.

When you give out today, step back and watch what comes back to you. And remember too that the buzz you get from giving…….something or someone gets that same buzz when they give too.  So allow it to come to you with open arms. Blessings in abundance is coming your way!

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