BelievingWhat is it you think of yourself? What is it you believe of yourself? It’s not always easy to remember, that your thoughts become things or your beliefs can be changed for your highest good but they do, and they can!

It all comes from your state of mind. So why not shake it up a wee bit and test this out. Where the “….” is replace it with your own word for example “If I think I am “beaten”, I AM!”

If I think I am “…..”, I AM!
If I think I can’t do “…..”, I CAN’T!
If I want to “…..”, but think I can’t, then I WON’T!

It all begins with your very own will, that’s right. So why not then, write your own belief script and make it your daily mantra or saying.

If I think I can “…..”, I WILL!
If I think I can “…..”, I CAN!

Remember you can win this. Why? Because you THINK you can. So what are you going to believe now? For it makes a HUGE difference what you choose to believe!

Know that I would love to here from you anytime about what has shifted, what has changed for you with the way you think and believe now of yourself. Have fun believing in you, for I surely do!

Have a little faith!

Seems to me “faith” is the message of the day today for this is about the fifth time I’ve seen one, heard one, thought one and felt it too and the day has only just begun for me!

I don’t doubt that we all have “faith” in our heart and soul, just some people don’t acknowledge it, recognise it and others may just name it differently, and that is okay!

We are all heading along very different pathways, coming across the same intersection at times and eventually at some moment in time, you will come to know the true meaning of “faith”. For the beauty in believing is something to behold, and that I can assure you is priceless!

Giving and receiving

Oh so very often the idea of, together with the action of, giving, giving, giving gives you such a buzz and that is a wonderful feeling. But have you ever noticed that there comes a point where you think to yourself, “I don’t have any more left in me to give”.

Bottom line to this is take control and don’t allow yourself to get to this stage because it can be very detrimental to your state of mind and state of being. Balance out the giving and receiving in your life and that applies to every single thing – your relationships and friendships, your work and life, Mother Earth and the Universe, your well-being and livelihood, your home and environment.

When you give out today, step back and watch what comes back to you. And remember too that the buzz you get from giving…….something or someone gets that same buzz when they give too.  So allow it to come to you with open arms. Blessings in abundance is coming your way!

Who I am!

Hello, I am ThereseElizabeth!

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If I can reach, teach, heal and help grow one person’s soul on any one given day for the rest of my life then my purpose in life is being served, and I am with complete gratitude serving my purpose.

How I am to achieve this is, through my blogs, my books, my own life lessons and experiences, by sharing my knowledge and spiritual wisdom, helping others to heal and grow, and become the person they are born to be, to find their own purpose in life through life coaching, spiritual healing, Angel intuitive guidance, past life regression and hypnotherapy.

Hello world!

Every day I wake up with the knowing that life in this human body is so damn short! I have no idea of what is just around the corner, even though I have plans and goals and dreams and wishes, just like you probably. What keeps me chugging along in my world of dreams vs reality is “belief”.  For I truly do believe. I live in hope and I have the faith that no matter what life path my soul has chosen for this lifetime, there is only one thing that truly does matter, and that one thing is “love”. Keep love alive in your heart and soul and the “beauty in believing” will show you it’s own magic!